Module Information

Model: RC-TASK2-868


ASK/OOK transmitter module with Crystal oscillator.


Vdc: 2.2 ÷ 3.6Volt

Current:  21/15mA

Frequency: 868.30MHz​

Power : 10dBm

Dimension: 20.32 x 11.43mm 

Model: RC-TFSK3-434


433.92MHz FSK Radio Transmitter Module - Standard Pinout .



Vdc: 2.4 ÷ 3.6Volt

Current: 14.5m

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Powe : 10dBm

Dimension: 20.32 x 11.43mm


Model: RC-TFSK4-434

Description :

433.92MHz FSK Transmitter Module - Standard Pinout.



Vdc: 2.4 ÷ 3.6Volt

Current: 14.5mA

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Power :  10dBm

Dimension: 30.5 x 10.3mm

Reference Schematics




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- Sub 1GHz Multichannels Radio Modem 

- Over The Air Commands

- Remote I/O Functionality

The RCQ5 module is a module with multiple features:



- It is a wireless radio modem with AT commands, providing an RS232

   wireless link with an RF data rate of up to 200 kbps (modulation 2-GFSK).


- The module has the ability to manage 4 digital outputs and 4 digital inputs

   both locally and remotely (OTA Over The Air Command) via sending       

   simple AT commands.

- Remote I/O functionality, this is a type of transmission bidirectional used 

   in the field of automatic controls. When you enable this, every time the 

  digital input changes state on station A, also the digital output of remote 

  station B it will reflect these states simultaneously and vice versa.


The RCQ5 module is available in the sub 1GHz ISM band, it is possible to supply 3 versions: 433MHz - 868MHz - 915 MHz. The hardware is based on the RC-CC1312R-XXX module designed by RadioControlli.


CORE : CC1312R from Texas Instruments

Operative Fequency bands  : 433/868/915MHz.

SMD Mounted     Mechanical Dimension : 15 x 22mm

Metallic shield.


For further information and details, refer to the datasheets :

- RC-CC1312R-434    RC-CC1312R-868   RC-CC1312R-915  


- CC1312R ( 



RCQ5-433               433MHz Antenna connection through UFL connector

RCQ5-433.H           433MHz Antenna connection through pad

RCQ5-868               868MHz Antenna connection through UFL connector

RCQ5-868-H           868MHz Antenna connection through pad

RCQ5-915               915MHz Antenna connection through UFL connector.

Ta = 25°C unless otherwise specified

rcq5 pin out.jpeg

Mechanical Dimension

screenhunter_1097 jan. 29 11.12.jpeg


  Radio Modem

- Radio Modem with AT Command (Transparent transmission protocol)


 The RF modem is very simple to use and provides an RS232 wireless connection with an RF data rate of up to 200 kbps. This transceiver has the functions of a full radio modem requires data in CMOS / TTL format on the UART TX input and returns the same data on the UART RX remote unit. Preamble and CRC are automatically generated and added to the radio frequency transmission. The module can also operate in Long Range mode (LRM) with a data rate of 2.5 kbps.


screenhunter_1104 feb. 01 14.40.jpeg

  OTA Commands

 - Over The Air commands (OTA Commands)


The module has the ability to manage 4 digital outputs and 4 digital inputs both locally and remotely (Over The Air Commands) by sending simple AT commands.

screenhunter_1105 feb. 01 14.46.jpeg


 -  Alarm


 With this function, when a digital input change status (DEVICE A)  a message will be transmitted via UART to the DEVICE B :  “Alarm_0_1 ”

screenhunter_1107 feb. 01 15.12.jpeg



  Remote I/O Function

- Remote I/O 


 It is possible Turn ON and turn OFF the remote IO mirroring function.
When we enable the Remote I/O function, if any Digital Input is change on the Station A, the digital output of the remote Station B will also mirror these states at the same time.

screenhunter_1106 feb. 01 14.49.jpeg



  The Evaluation Board 


 The Evaluation Kit consists of:


- N.2 Evaluation Board with SMA Antenna

- N.2 USB cables


With this development kit it is possible to verify all the features and functionalities of the RCQ5-XXX module.

rcq5-xxx-ev 2

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