smart radio modem


868MHz  Multichannel Radio Modem 

The RCQ2-868-S  is a high performance wireless modem providing a reliable low cost serial data communications link that can be used for many data communications applications at an exceptionally competitive price. The modem operates in the ISM 868MHz band. The RF modem is very simple to use and provides a wireless RS232 link with a RF data rate of up to 100 kbps.  The transceivers have the functions of a complete radio modem and simply require CMOS/TTL data at the transmit input and the corresponding transceiver(s) output the same data. Preamble and CRC are automatically generated and added to the RF transmission. The RCQ2-868-S can use any channel in 100 (200) KHz step. Possible applications include one-to-one and multi-node wireless links in applications including  security, EPOS, wireless sensor network, industrial process monitoring and computer networking. Because of their small size and low power requirements, (the consumption in power down mode is < 2 ) this module is a ideal for use in portable, batterypowered applications such as hand-held terminals.

Based on RCS1KSMT-434 RadioControlli device.



Technical Characteristics MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Supply Voltage  2.2  3.0 3.60 Volt
 Supply Current (RX mode)   20    mA
 Supply Current (TX mode / +20dBm)   85    mA
 Supply Current (TX mode / +0dBm)     10    mA
 Supply current sleep mode    <2    µA
 Power up to stable receiver data out     30   ms
 Power up to full RF Power out   30   ms
 Standby to Receive mode   1   ms
 Standby to Transmit mode   1   ms
 RX Frequency Range CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03 868   870 MHz
 RF Output Power 1   +20 dBm
 RF Sensitivity (1.2 Kb/sec Data Rate)
  -112     dBm
 Frequency Deviation
   ±50   KHz
 GSFK Manchester encoded data rate   100   Kbps
 Operating Temperature range -10   +55 °C
Mechanical Dimensions  15 x 23.52mm        



Pads  Name  Description
 1  VCC Power Supply
 2  GND  Ground
 3  GND  Ground
 4  GND  Ground
 5  ANT  Antenna
 6  GND  Ground
 7  NU  Not used
 8  NU  Not Used
 9  PD  Power down
 10  TX  UART RX
 11  RX  UART TX
 12  DR1  DR1 Baud rate selection
 13  DR2  DR2 Baud rate selection
 14  CONFIG  Configuration pin
 15  RTS  UART Request to sent
 16  CTS  UART Clear to sent













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