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 433.92MH AM Superhet Receiver 

 RCASK4-434-CH is AM Superhet Radio Receiver Module with SAW Front End filter and output noise filter to obtain high immunity to electromagnetic intreference. The output filter circuit has been realized to cancel short impulses (<150µsec) in the received signal.

Ideal for application that needs high immunity

Mechanical Dimension 36.5 x 14.5mm                                                                              
Technical Characteristics MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Supply Voltage  4.5    5.5 Volt
 Current Consumption (RX Mode)    7.5  9.0  mA
 Current Consumption (Shut Down Mode)      100  nA
 Frequency    433.92    MHz
Max Data Rate      4.8 Kbit/s
 RF Sensitivity  -110  -113   dBm
 RF Bandwidth 3dB    ±150   KHz
 Level of emitted spectrum       -60  dBm
 Power Up Time (from Power to stable data)        8  ms
 Power Up Time1 (from PD to stable data)        5  ms
Operating Temperature Range -20   +80 °C


Pin Description 


Pads  Name  Description
 2  GND  Ground
 3  ANT  Antenna
 7  GND  Ground
 11  AGC  AGC Control (0=ON  1=OFF)
 13  RSSI/TP  RSSI / Test Point
 14  OUT  Data Out
 15  VCC  Power Supply

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