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Radio Transmitter Module with crystal oscillator

433.92MHz   ASK/OOK Modulation 

 RCTX-434-L is a trasnmitter module with crystal oscillator, allow to ralize a complete Remote Keyless adding a coding circuit. ASK/OOK Modulation. Metallic shield. SMD Mounting . Available 3Volt and 5Volt version.

Mechanical Dimensions : 6.81 x 12mm                                                                              
Technical Characteristics MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Supply Voltage   2.2    3.6 Volt
 Current Consumption (TX Mode)    21    mA
 Current Consumption (Standby mode)    <1    µA
 RF Power Output      11    dBm
 XTAL Frequency    433.92    MHz
 Frequency Tolerance     ± 20   KHz
 Max Data Rate         50  Kbit/s
 Power Up Time     1   ms
 Operating Temperature Range   -25   80  °C


Pin description


Pads  Name  Description
 1  ANT  External Antenna
 2  GND  Ground
 3  DATA IN  Data Inout
4  VCC Power Supply



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