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433.92MHz AM Superhet Receiver 

 RCRX-434 is an AM superhet data receiver with PLL sinthesizer and crystal oscillator.  ASK/OOK modulation. Metallic shield .  SMD Mounting . Available 3Volt and 5Volt version.

Mechanical Dimesions : 9.5 x 14mm                                                                                
Technical Characteristics MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Supply Voltage  4.4    5.0 Volt
 Current Consumption (RX Mode)    5.5    mA
 Current Consumption (Shut Down Mode)    1    µA
 RF Sensitivity    -108    dBm
Max Data Rate   10   Kbit/s
RF Bandwidth 3dB   600   KHz
Operating Temperature Range -20   +80 °C




Pads  Name  Description
 1  ANT  External Antenna
 2  GND  Ground
 3  GND  Ground
4  PD Power Down
5  DOUT Data Out
6 GND Ground
7 GND Ground
8 VCC Power Supply

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