About Us

About Us

Alfonso Leonardi was born in Naples
Already from the age of six he is passionate about tailoring and day after day he has learned the tricks of the craft.
At the age of 32 he created and became director of the department he created at a well-known national brand.
After giving up his resignation, he decides to put himself into practice and put his ideas into practice within a short time
One of the best tailors in circulation, placing his tailoring company among the first in Campania.
Tailoring Leonardi is known worldwide, from America to Australia, through Russia, Asia, China and Japan.
Sartoria Leonardi is synonymous with excellence and Made in Italy.

About Us



FSK Sendermodul / FSK Empfängermodule

Miniaturisierte Funkmodule

CC1101 Transceivermodules

Sl1000 Transceivermodules

Funkmodem 434/868 MHZ

Arduino Wireless

RCQ3 Wireless Switch

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