CC13XX the new module

In the first half of this year, the RadioControlli R&D team had generated a series of new products that have allowed us to expand the range of products in the IoT area. In particular, the wide range of products based on TI modules of the CC13XX series, there are the following possibilities: - Module based on the standard CC1310 chip- Module based on CC1312R chip- Module based on CC1352R chip...


Radiocontrolli is pleased to announce the birth of a new product, this new module is based on the CC1310 transceiver and mounts a 16M-bite flash memory inside, controllable by SPI interfaces but already wired internally. This allows to have a real powerful microcomputer with the possibility of collecting the measured data. From the hardware point of view the module has the same footprint...

New Radio Modem (Long Range Mode)

We have recently realized N.3 wireless Radio Modem, with this device is possible to realize a simple wireless RS232 link . This device are based on the CC1310 device from Texas Instrument, this device can be work also in Long Range Mode (LRM) that is a particulary encoding technique that trades data rate for sensitivity gains. These gains are achieved by digital coding. For more information you can...


RadioControlli ist ein italienischer Anbieter mit 30 Jahren Erfahrung im Hochfrequenz- und Wireless-Bereich. Sein Katalog umfasst Standardfunkmodule (Sender, Empfänger ASK/FSK), miniaturisierte Funkmodule (SMD-Bestückung) und Module, die in den IoT-Anwendungen eingesetzt werden können.„Warum sollte man das Modul von RadioControlli verwenden?“ Es ist ein in sich geschlossenes...
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