New module RC-CC1310-XXX

New module RC-CC1310-XXX








At the Electronics 2016 fair in Munich - Germany, RadioControlli is pleased to present the new transceivers module denominated RC-CC1310-XXX. The RC-CC1310-XXX module is based on Texas Instruments CC1310F128 component. This device combines a flexible very low power RF transceiver with a powerful 48MHz Cortex M3 microcontroller in a platform supporting multiple physical layers and RF standard. 

The currently available software includes :

1) examples of point-to-point communication EasyLink

2) a stack of WM-bus protocols based on TI RTOS.        

3) 6LoWPAN mesh network stack for Contiki

Developers can also access some development tools, some reference designs, and online training, made available from TI

 There are N.3 Versions :

   RC-CC1310-434    434MHz band

   RC-CC1310-868    868MHz bad

   RC-CC1310-915     915 MHz band.




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