Evaluation Kit RCQ3-868-RM

smart radio modem

Evaluation Kit RCQ3-868-RM

The RCQ3-868-RM is a high performance wireless modem providing a reliable low cost serial data communication link that can be used for many data communication applications.
The pourpose of this evaluation kits is to verify all the features and technical characteristics about the Radio Modem RCQ3-868-RM.

The Evaluation Kits is composed by :
- N. 2 Evaluation Board
- N. 2 cable USB (USB A plug, USB B mini plug).
- N. 2 Antenne RC-ANT-868-SMA


Description of the board:


- The Evaluation kits is composed from N. 2 RCQ3-868-RM demo board complete with 868MHz Antenna and N. 2 cable USB (USB A plug, USB B mini plug).

- It’s necessary install the CP2102 driver on your computer, you can find this driver or on Silicon Labs website.

- The RCQ3-868-RM demo board has a battery pack (in the back) to make stand-alone operation. 

- Through the test switch it is possible to go into test mode, the Test Status Led will light up.

In this state when you push a T1 button the carrier with frequency and amplitude value previously set will be sent on the antenna.

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