IoT Modules

IoT WiFi Module, CC1310 modules, Bluetooth Modules, LORA Modules

Radio Modules

Wide range of RF Modules : Transmitter,Receiver and Transceiver Module 

Frequency : 433.92MHz / 868MHz / 915MHz / Custom Frequency


Wireless Home Automation

SENSØNET is a 868MHz wireless network architecture developed for Lighting, Industrial Automation and for Home and Building Automation

                                Transceiver Module CC1310 based (433/868/915MHz)

RC-CC1310-XXX  module is based on Texas Instruments CC1310F128 component. The CC1310 device combines a flexible, very low power RF transceiver with a powerful 48 Mhz Cortex M3 microcontroller in a platform supporting multiple physical layers and RF standard. All the GPIO are routed out.       More Information 

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FSK Sendermodul / FSK Empfängermodule

Miniaturisierte Funkmodule

CC1101 Transceivermodules

Sl1000 Transceivermodules

Funkmodem 434/868 MHZ


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